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Report for Financial Year 2013 - 2014

Mudg Pty/Ltd is the Trustee (or Trustee Company) for the foundation. Its director is Dr Peter Ochsenbein, a Swiss pensioner who is also founder and sole owner. He migrated in 1992 (Tallai) and received Australian citizenship in1997. In 1999 he bought a vacant corner block at Regency Place in Mudgeeraba, created a charitable foundation and lodged an application to build a recreation centre. Re-zoning to commercial School St caused some delays but in 2004 the “Mudgeeraba Foundation Centre” (MFC) was opened. Carl Rountree moved in as resident caretaker, also working 100% voluntarily and living for free in his apartment. 

Peter’s workplace is his home office in Tallai from which he manages the Foundation and administrates the Centre. His private charitable trust fund, named The Mudgeeraba Foundation, consists of bank assets and two real estate properties. The main income is his superannuation (the full sum of which is transferred into the fund by his former employer), also the full net rent payments from a residential property in Tallai (bought in 2012 by Mudg Pty Ltd), the fees paid by MFC Users and bank interest. Peter’s private income (pension from the Swiss old-age insurance + rent payments from 2 privately owned houses in Tallai) is kept strictly separate.

The Mudgeeraba Foundation doesn’t do any fundraising or accept private donations. That’s why it needs no direct advertising but a mention is always welcome. It also highly appreciates the generous Council support (MFC rates & water/wastewater). It has an ACN & an ABN and is registered with the ACNC (Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission) as a small charity. All work being done voluntarily and without employees, expenses consist only of hard/software needed for office work, telecommunication cost (incl. Internet), (rare) legal/paralegal & tax advice, and (regular and special) cost in connection with the 2 buildings.

Peter has no more overseas property of any type. However, the above fully Australian based structure leaves considerable money for building up a reserve and for direct and indirect support of the local and regional community as follows:.

A: With donations (or sponsorships If continuing over several years) to registered organisations/institutions active in the main areas 1) art & culture, 2) health & environment, 3) education & sport. The terms are broadly defined: “health” e.g. includes social services for disabled & elderly people; “sport” includes recreational activities like bridge and chess etc. Donations began in 2001 and are tied grants, i.e. the use of the support must be known. The total annual amount has been increasing since 2004 (MFC completed).

B: By offering the MFC to community groups and organisations for a low fee ($10/h, unchanged since 2004) for various activities in connection with the above areas 1) -4). Strict regulations and schedules facilitate administration and the venue is mostly booked out by close to 20 regular Users. The spectrum is broad: from yoga classes to meditation, from ballet to dance, from bridge to chess. There is no commercial advertising. All works via word by mouth and there is a waiting list. The income by fees indicates how much money Users save by not using halls with often higher fees but lower quality facilities (maintenance, floor, foyer, undercover parking).

The total of direct charity money given to the community in the financial year 2013/14 was $48,500 for 19 donations/sponsorships to 14 beneficiaries. The total of indirect charity money in 2013/14 to MFC Users can be estimated to be $25,000-50,000. Whilst there is no intention to raise the fees (although the MFC’s hall & foyer have been completely renovated in Dec 2014) the total of donations and also the reserve (there are no private or bank debts) may well be increased in view of the healthy fund.       (P.O.19/02/2015)

Peter with Heidi and Claudia

Peter with Claudia and Heidi, ex-ballerinas and now teachers at Prudence Bowen Atelier - a regular MFC User (10 Jan 2015)

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