Mudgeeraba Foundation
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The Mudgeeraba Foundation

Donations and Sponsorships (D&S)

"The Mudgeeraba Foundation" (TMF) is a private charitable trust fund established in June1999 with the aim  to support individuals and organisations which are active mainly in the community of Mudgeeraba and its Gold Coast surrounds in the main areas 1) health & environment 2) art & culture and 3) education & sport. However, the Foundation is financially and geographically flexible as to the selection of beneficiaries.

The Foundation annually grants significant donations to organisations and individuals, mostly in the form of tied grants according to which (except in case of competition prize money) the beneficiaries must declare the purpose for which the donation will be used. It may also bestow the "Mudgeeraba Foundation Award". Geographically TMF is located in Mudgeeraba (MFC) and in Tallai (MFR, where Peter has his office)

Mudgeeraba Foundation Centre (MFC)

The Mudgeeraba Foundation Centre was opened in February 2004 at 7 School Street Mudgeeraba (see photo-logo) and is a popular venue for the enjoyment of a range of activities like yoga, ballet, bridge, chess, dance, meditation, women and partnership related seminars etc. Until 2011 it served once a year as a fine art gallery for the prestigious art exhibition "The d'Arcy Doyle Art Awards" which has now become too big.

Featuring parquetry timber floors and classic heritage character, the Centre is also fitted out with an audio visual system including wireless Internet access, three large plasma screens and six concealed speakers. Voluntarily managed by Peter and looked after by Resident Caretaker Carl, it can offer low fees and clean facilities. Access to its undercover car park with 16 spaces is via School Street (opposite Special School).

Mudgeeraba Foundation Private Residences (MFR)

In December 2012 The Mudgeeraba Foundation purchased a block of land with house, swimming pool and tennis court. The block situated at 38 Tallai Road is adjacent to the two blocks already owned by Peter at 9 Mewsdale Row and at 2 Cromwell Court (Peter's domicile). Together they form a "triple-lot" of 6+acres land, a triangle of close to 25,000 m2 with 3 houses, one of them with a separate chalet. (see aerial map)

The next step planned is to transfer the two still private properties also to the foundation which may not be easy in view of the excessive stamp duties collected by the State which unfortunately have been massively increased by the new Government. The ultimate goal would be that the 3 residences will be inhabited for modest rents by people active in the 3 areas mentioned above and voluntarily supporting the foundation.

Principles of Operation (PO)

The foundation has only four sources of income, namely the monthly contribution of its founder and owner Peter Ochsenbein, the interest of bank assets, the fees paid by the Users of the MFC and the rent paid by the tenants living in the MFR. There is no fundraising nor are donations accepted except the generous support by Council and Government in the form of waived or reduced MFC fees or charges.

Due to Peter's voluntary work the overheads are reduced to the costs of communication, office equipment and services necessary for directing the Foundation and running the MFC and the MFR. Applying these principles guarantees complete transparency. The Foundation was created by Dr. Peter Ochsenbein who acts as Director of its Trustee, Mudg Pty Ltd, as well as Manager of the MFC and Lessor of the MFR.

P. O. (20/12/2012)

THE MUDGEERABA FOUNDATION   -   Trustee: Mudg Pty. Ltd. / Director: Dr Peter Ochsenbein
Phone: 07 5530-4907