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Mudgeeraba Live!         Mudgeeraba Street Party - 1 November 2009

Street Party 2009

On the 3rd of March 2009, the Mudgeeraba Foundation Centre (MFC) had the 5th anniversary of its opening - and now on the 17th of June 2009 the Mudgeeraba Foundation (MF) had its 10th birthday.

Although there were no formal celebrations, but just in time to commemorate the anniversaries we have completed the installation of a high quality audio-video system with internet access. Five loudspeakers are hidden (almost) in the ceiling (4 in the hall and 1 in the foyer) and a 6th is outside above the entrance door. The video is clearly visible with three plasma screens (1 in the foyer and 2 in the hall (see photo 1). Users can utilize the system either with provided microphones or by using their own laptops or video cameras.

The main entrance has been improved with an attractive portico, which adds to the two benches which were installed in late 2007. Users seem to like this green and quiet area during breaks, be they ballet students or Bridge players (see photos).

The MFC's name now also appears above the garage entrance, and is well visible from School Street. Our caretaker Carl who is a real all-rounder, did this job perfectly (one can see him in photo 4) and also the painting of the portico and the gardening around the building.

Mainly as a result of reasonable suggestions and proposals from the users and Carl, considerable money has been invested in the continuous upgrading of the MFC facilities and equipment since the opening on 3rd March 2004.

We now believe we have a "5 star community centre".

All photos were taken in early June 2009
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