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Mudgeeraba Live!         HH Swamiji Visit - 10 April 2009

Woodchopper Statue Unveiling 2009

"YOGA IN DAILY LIFE" is a worldwide non-profit humanitarian organisation (see The Founder and Grand Master of this philosophy, His Holiness Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda (Swamiji) toured Australia as part of his 36th annual world Peace Tour. On his way from Sydney to Brisbane, H.H. Swamiji stopped to give a talk on the Gold Coast and the MFC had the honor to be chosen as the venue. On his arrival Swamiji was welcomed by Dr Peter Ochsenbein.

The organisers of the event under the leadership of Tulsi Devi had managed to transform the MFC professionally into a very special place. The building was illuminated and the foyer was transformed into an entrancing reception area. In the hall which was beautifully decorated with flowers and large coloured cloths, people were singing long before Swamiji arrived.

Because of the big attendance (including at least 10 international guests and many from all over Australia) His Holiness entered the hall via a side door along a carpet embellished with flowers and was lead directly to the stage where he took place on his decorated chair. After a long period of silence H.H. Swamiji spoke about Yoga as the divine path to achieve inner peace, about our physical, mental, social and spiritual needs and about the holistic approach to bring balance to body, mind and soul.

The meeting ended again in silence and meditation, guided by Swamiji, this indeed imposing Indian personality with great charm and charisma. It was an impressive and dignified event in an unforgettable ambience.

Photos taken on Good Friday, 10 April 2009
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